The World of KCs Art

I focus on Wildlife and Zoo Photography in Derby UK, I spend most of my free time capturing the wonders of the animal world both within nature and zoological facilities. I love capturing the magic of the animal world with my camera.



I have always had a fascination and connection with the animal world, from an early age I enjoyed being out in nature and learning about the animals that shared the world around me. From the first time I had access to a camera most if not all my shots were of animals (although initially and in days when you couldn't review photos straight away, most were rather blurry). With time, practice and as my knowledge grew, I began to want to capture the emotion I felt, when I saw the animals I photographed and be able to share that emotion and beauty with the world, leading to what we see today. I am always learning and adapting my shots but I hope I will get to share my journey now with you. 



Derby, UK

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